A Heartwarming Journey: East Texas Family’s Adoption of Special Needs Child from Hong Kong

In 2020, Texas had over 27,000 children in its foster care system, including those with special needs. The Fostering Collective program director in Tyler shared insights into adopting special needs children and the unique process involved.

For Jamie and Johnny Huff, nearing their 40s meant embarking on a new adventure rather than unwinding. Despite having four biological children from previous marriages, they both felt a desire to expand their family through adoption even before getting married.

Their adoption journey began locally, but after facing challenges, they turned to international adoption. Through Dillon International, in collaboration with Buckner International, they found Lyric, a little girl with Down Syndrome, in an orphanage in Hong Kong.

Choosing Lyric was serendipitous as they both separately picked her from a list of children. With paperwork and training completed, they eagerly awaited the day they could bring Lyric home.

After a long 22 months of waiting, the moment finally arrived on October 14, 2012, when they met their daughter for the first time. Jamie vividly recalls a dream where Lyric assured her they would meet soon, and the next morning, they received approval to travel.

A Heartwarming Journey: East Texas Family's Adoption of Special Needs Child from Hong Kong

Despite the challenges and sacrifices, Jamie expresses gratitude for every moment of their journey. Lyric, now 12 years old, continues to receive unconditional love and support from her family in East Texas.

To the Huffs, Lyric’s Down Syndrome was never a barrier. They hope their story inspires other families to consider adopting special needs children and recognize their uniqueness and potential.

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Lyric is more alike than different, and with the love and care of her family and community, she thrives. The Huffs cherish every moment with Lyric, knowing that she is theirs forever, regardless of the challenges they may face.

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