Facebook Audience Network and Apps Flyer Launch Gaming App Ad-Measurement Tool!

Ad attribution firm, AppsFlyer, has partnered with Facebook Audience Network to bring campaign-level IAA ROAS (return on advertising spend) measurement to gaming app developers. By tying the revenue generated by a cohort of users from the Facebook Audience Network to the user acquisition source, app developers can more precisely optimize their user acquisition strategy, improving ROAS and LTV accuracy.

This provides gaming app developers with better tools to acquire quality users, understand the ideal experience for those users, and ensure long-term engagement and revenue. Previously, monetization revenue from a user acquisition campaign could only be calculated based on averages, leaving gaming marketers to make decisions with incomplete data.

Facebook’s API allows for a more precise measurement of the ad revenue generated by a specific cohort of users, yielding a more accurate calculation. AppsFlyer is now able to make the connection between the monetization network, the user acquisition channel, and the mobile attribution data. This enables AppsFlyer to tie back the revenue generated to the user acquisition network to provide a more complete picture of a customer’s ROI.

Our new campaign-level measurement solution fulfills a critical gap in the market by helping marketers on our platform truly understand if their return on ad spend is both accurate and profitable. With measurement being the precursor to optimization, together with AppsFlyer, we’ve taken the initiative to create a product that helps game marketers and publishers understand the effectiveness of ad campaigns they run on the Audience Network platform.

Mat Harris, Director of Product Management, Facebook Audience Network

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