Arrest Made in Shocking Case of Brooklyn Drug Dealer’s Murder

The New York Police Department has made a significant breakthrough in the investigation of a disturbing crime involving the grisly killing of a local drug dealer. Authorities have arrested a second suspect in connection with the case.

According to NYPD Chief Detective Joseph Kenny, the investigation began when the department received an anonymous tip in January regarding a possible deceased individual stored in a refrigerator at a residence on Nostrand Avenue.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers encountered a woman named Heather Stines, who allowed them to conduct a search of the premises.

During the search, officers noticed a refrigerator that was conspicuously taped up. As they approached the appliance, Stines became hostile, leading to her arrest and removal from the home.

Upon opening the refrigerator, officers made a shocking discovery: the dismembered remains of a Black man contained in black plastic bags.

Stines later confessed to detectives, revealing that the victim was Kawsheen Gelzer, a local drug dealer with whom her husband, Nicholas McGee, had a dispute.

Contrary to initial reports, the disagreement was not related to drugs but rather stemmed from an unpaid rent issue after Gelzer had been allowed to stay on the couple’s couch.

Arrest Made in Shocking Case of Brooklyn Drug Dealer's Murder

Nicholas McGee was subsequently located and arrested in Chesapeake, Virginia, where he was being held for identity fraud. McGee confessed to investigators that he had attacked Gelzer while he slept, using a kitchen knife and later a hammer to subdue him.

He further admitted that Stines had assisted in dismembering Gelzer’s body and storing the remains in bags in the refrigerator.

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McGee now faces multiple charges, including murder, robbery, concealment of a human corpse, and tampering with physical evidence. Stines is charged with concealing a human corpse.

The arrest marks a significant development in the case, bringing closure to a disturbing and tragic incident that has shocked the local community.

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