Arrest Made in Trails End Double Homicide Case

In connection to a double homicide on Trails End Drive in January, a suspect, Justin Casagranda, is now facing murder charges and has been brought to the Charlotte County Jail.

Casagranda is accused of being the gunman who killed Anthony Galeotti and Mario Schiano at Mario’s home just outside Punta Gorda, according to Charlotte County detectives.

New details from Casagranda’s probable cause affidavit reveal how deputies linked him and two others to the crimes.

On January 24, a family friend called 911 around 1 p.m. after seeing Kelly Schiano crying near the property’s front gate. Kelly informed the man that she heard gunshots and ran to hide. Upon entering the property, the man discovered Galeotti and Mario dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Deputies found that shots were fired in the chests and faces of both men.

Upon initial arrival, deputies found several bedrooms ransacked with drawers dumped and jewelry left on beds. Outside, they noticed cash scattered across the yard.

Witnesses informed the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) that Mario kept tens of thousands of dollars in cash at the home, along with a significant amount of drugs, which were reported missing.

Arrest Made in Trails End Double Homicide Case

License plate readers and surveillance footage captured a white Audi coming to and leaving the house on the day before and the day of the murder. Investigators traced the car to a rental shop in Georgia, connecting Casagranda to the crimes. He had rented a white Audi a few days before the murders and returned it on January 28.

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During an interview with his lawyer, Harper revealed that he had been working as a marijuana mule for Mario and wanted out. He discussed his concerns with Casagranda, who suggested they “get rid of him,” referring to killing Mario. Harper confirmed this statement to investigators.

Harper also informed deputies that Kelly was aware of the plan, although she claimed to believe it was a robbery and denied knowledge of a shooting. Text messages obtained by investigators showed Kelly offering Casagranda $30,000 for the job, with $20,000 allocated to pay off debt.

The arrest sheds light on the tragic events and the intricate web of motives and relationships involved in the Trails End double homicide case.

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