Brace Yourself: Billions of Cicadas Are Coming!

Get ready, Georgia! A massive invasion of billions of bugs is on the horizon. These noisy creatures, known as cicadas, will soon swarm North Georgia in what is known as the Great Southern Brood, emerging from the ground once every 13 years.

Horticulturist Sonya Harrison warns that the first thing you’ll notice is the loud noise these cicadas make. They measure about an inch and a half each and don’t pose any harm to humans or plants.

They don’t bite, sting, or eat flowers. However, they do lay lots of eggs in long strips, which can weigh down and potentially break tender twigs.

To protect your plants, Harrison recommends using special fabric or netting. While the cicadas won’t stick around for long, their presence can still be a nuisance for gardeners.

Brace Yourself: Billions of Cicadas Are Coming!

Although they may not be everyone’s favorite sight, Harrison acknowledges that cicadas are just part of the cycle of life. She jokes that she could do without seeing their prehistoric-looking exoskeletons littering the ground.

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But if billions of cicadas aren’t enough for you, brace yourself for even more. The Northern Illinois Brood is also set to emerge around the same time, resulting in a trillion cicadas swarming simultaneously. This phenomenon hasn’t occurred since the days of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency.

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