Breaking News: A Jury Found a Man from Newburgh Guilty of A Gun Case!

A 36-year-old guy from Newburgh was found guilty of felony criminal possession of a weapon by a jury in Orange County Court on Monday. On September 3, Frank Baltimore will be given his sentence, which could be up to 15 years in jail.

At about 1 a.m. on July 11, 2023, Baltimore made threats against people in the City of Newburgh who were near Dubois Street. Following this, he fired five times from a 9mm pistol at the people. A car was hit by the rounds, but no one was hurt.

Police were able to find Baltimore because of surveillance video of the crime and other evidence found at the scene. Baltimore later told police that the person in the video was him, but he said the gun he used was a BB gun.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Newburgh Police Department were thanked by District Attorney Hoovler for their work on the probe.

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“We will not give up our search for dangerous criminals with dangerous guns,” Hoovler said. We are committed to keeping our neighborhoods safe by finding and punishing people who illegally own and use guns. This hard-fought conviction is proof of that. The City of Newburgh Police Department did a great job with their investigation, which led to the arrest and conviction of this person.

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