Breaking News: Police Investigation at Polluted Hudson Valley Movie Theater!

A recent surge in police activity at a former Hudson Valley movie theater site has revealed concerning details about illegal dumping practices. The Destinta Theaters in New Windsor, which closed in early November 2019 after two decades in business, was briefly reopened under new management and a new name, New Windsor 12, by Phoenix Theatres. Unfortunately, this revival was short-lived, and the theater soon closed again, leaving the building vacant for years until its recent demolition.

Last Thursday, the Town of New Windsor shed light on the cause of the recent “flurry of activity” at the demolition site of the former Destinta theater on Route 94. The town’s Facebook post disclosed that in April, the Town Supervisor observed truckloads of illegal dumping at the site, prompting an immediate response from local authorities. Video evidence was collected, and the New Windsor Police and Fire Inspectors were called, leading to a stop-work order.

Multiple agencies, including the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), New Windsor Police, Department of Labor, Miller Environmental, and Quest Diagnostics, spent several hours on the scene taking samples and documenting the site for potential criminal charges and civil proceedings.

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The Town of New Windsor expressed gratitude to all involved agencies for ensuring that the building activities adhere to safety regulations. The town emphasized its commitment to safe and regulated building practices, ensuring that all activities comply with local and state laws to protect the community’s well-being.

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