Central Florida Stores Prepare for Disaster Prep Sales Tax Holiday Starting June 1!

ORLANDO, Fla. — As the hurricane season looms, Central Florida residents have a valuable opportunity to gear up for potential storms with the disaster preparedness sales tax holiday starting June 1. This initiative allows Floridians to purchase essential items such as portable generators, pet food, batteries, and other emergency supplies without the added cost of sales tax, helping them to prepare more affordably.

Local businesses, like J & L Hardware in Orange County, are bustling with activity in anticipation of increased shopper turnout. Store owner Larry Finley and his team are busy ordering more stock and selling what they have, ensuring they can meet the high demand when the sales tax holiday begins.

“Tape is going to be important, just in case your window breaks and something comes through,” Finley explained. “I strongly advise the weatherproof type duct tape, something of that nature, that can really hold and withstand extreme weather conditions.”

Finley emphasizes the importance of planning to avoid last-minute scrambles for supplies. “If you’re prepared now, you won’t have any second thoughts,” he said, encouraging residents to take advantage of the tax holiday to stock up on critical items.

Flagler County leaders are also urging preparedness, stressing that crucial supplies such as nonperishable food, bottled water, batteries, tarps, and sandbags often vanish quickly from store shelves as a storm approaches. Jonathan Lord, Flagler County Emergency Management Director, highlighted the necessity of having a disaster plan and a well-stocked disaster kit.

“People need to have a plan in place and a disaster kit available,” Lord advised. He noted that the rush for supplies typically intensifies in the days leading up to a storm, making early preparation essential.

Back at J & L Hardware, the focus is on ensuring the availability of key items like sandbags and generators, which are crucial during power outages. “Sandbags, generators, they’re going to be very important just in case of a loss of power, of course,” Finley said, underscoring the importance of these items in storm readiness.

Central Florida Stores Prepare for Disaster Prep Sales Tax Holiday Starting June 1!

The disaster preparedness sales tax holiday will run for two weeks starting Saturday, June 1, providing ample time for residents to purchase necessary items. Additionally, a second tax holiday is scheduled for August, offering another opportunity for residents to prepare for the peak of the hurricane season.

Beyond hardware stores, other businesses across Central Florida are also preparing for the increased demand. Supermarkets, pet stores, and home improvement centers are all stocking up on essential supplies to ensure that residents can find everything they need to stay safe during the hurricane season.

The sales tax holiday not only benefits consumers by reducing the cost of essential items but also helps businesses by driving increased foot traffic and sales. It’s a win-win situation that ultimately contributes to the community’s overall preparedness and resilience.

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As hurricane season approaches, the importance of readiness cannot be overstated. Central Florida residents are encouraged to take full advantage of the disaster preparedness sales tax holiday, ensuring they have the necessary supplies to weather any storm that comes their way. By planning and stocking up on essential items, Floridians can face the hurricane season with greater confidence and peace of mind.

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