Colin Allred’s Fundraising Surpasses Ted Cruz

In the race for Texas’ U.S. Senate seat, Dallas Congressman Colin Allred has made headlines by raising over $9.5 million in the first quarter of this year.

This impressive fundraising haul has outpaced Senator Ted Cruz, who raised $6.9 million during the same period, according to recent filings with the Federal Elections Commission. Allred’s fundraising success has also drawn comparisons to Beto O’Rourke’s campaign in 2018 when he ran against Cruz.

Despite ultimately losing, O’Rourke raised over $6.7 million in the first quarter of his campaign, setting a high bar for Democratic fundraising efforts in Texas.

However, O’Rourke’s massive fundraising efforts did not translate into victory, as Cruz ultimately won the election. Despite raising over $80 million throughout the entire campaign cycle, O’Rourke faced a tight race and fell short by a narrow margin.

Many political analysts attribute O’Rourke’s loss to his significant spending, as he exhausted most of his funds before Election Day. Texas’ size and diverse voter base make campaigning expensive, with significant resources needed to reach voters across the state.

In response to Allred’s fundraising success, Cruz’s campaign spokesperson Nick Maddux emphasized the senator’s strong start and commitment to preserving Texas’ conservative values.

Maddux highlighted Cruz’s efforts to engage with voters across the state and reiterated the importance of maintaining Texas’ status as a bastion of liberty.

Colin Allred's Fundraising Surpasses Ted Cruz

Since launching his campaign in May 2023, Allred has raised nearly $30 million, with an average donation of $34.75 from 285,000 unique contributors. In contrast, Cruz received over 179,000 individual contributions in the past quarter, averaging $35.73 per donation.

With over $15.1 million in cash on hand across multiple fundraising operations, Cruz remains a formidable opponent in the race for Texas’ Senate seat.

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Given the lack of competitive Senate races nationally this cycle, political analysts believe that Texas presents a strategic opportunity for national donors.

Investing in Texas campaigns, where every dollar spent can make a significant impact, is seen as a wise decision by many political strategists. As the race heats up, both Allred and Cruz will continue their fundraising efforts to secure support for their respective campaigns.

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