Dangerous Crossbow Bolt Found in The Neck of A Duck, Worrying Neighbors!

In a distressing incident in a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood, a duck was discovered with a crossbow bolt embedded in its neck, eliciting deep concern from residents. Locals, including Kevin Mueller and Bryan Jackson, have observed the injured bird and have taken it upon themselves to rescue the stricken creature.

Mueller, the initial discoverer, and Jackson, a seasoned wildlife rescuer, have been diligently attempting to capture the duck for over two weeks. Despite their persistent efforts, they have been unsuccessful in apprehending the bird to remove the bolt.

Dangerous Crossbow Bolt Found in The Neck of A Duck, Worrying Neighbors

The duck’s plight was brought to light when Mueller, disturbed by the sight, reported it to authorities after being informed by a concerned resident. Shockingly, Mueller recounted how witnesses had seen children shooting the duck from a golf cart, further highlighting the disturbing nature of the incident.

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Expressing their determination to save the animal, Mueller and Jackson emphasized the urgency of their mission. Jackson, noting the duck’s heightened vigilance due to its injury, underscored their unwavering commitment to rescuing it. Residents wishing to help in the rescue efforts have been encouraged to lay out blankets with food to attract the duck and facilitate its capture with nets or additional blankets.

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