Disturbing Scene: Mother of Four Found Dead in Alleged Staged Hanging!

Police in Texas said Tuesday that the death of a woman found hanging at a dock is being looked into as a possible murder after the body’s placement raised suspicions.

Local news station KPRC said the woman was Giselle Salazar, 30, a mother of four, and she was seen hanging by a rope off a League City dock on May 31.

According to local news station KPRC, one of Salazar’s arms was “straight up with nothing holding it up” when her body was found. Investigators think she died somewhere else and that her arm became stiff from rigor mortis before she was put on the dock.

A picture from GoFundMe shows Giselle Salazar.
Detectives are waiting for the medical examiner’s office to give them results on how she died. Two people have been named as possible suspects in the case, but no one has been arrested yet.

Esperanza Alegria, Salazar’s sister, told the ABC station KTRK that her family wants justice.

“I want everyone to know that my sister didn’t hurt herself.” Alegria told the news source, “She didn’t kill herself.” “We want the person who hurt my sister to be charged for what they did.”

KTRK says Salazar and her boyfriend had been living on his boat, which had been at the Wharf Marina since March. The source said that he was questioned by police several times after Salazar’s death, but he denied killing her.

He told KTRK, “I would never hurt Giselle.”

The boyfriend said the last time he saw Salazar; she was getting off the boat to go to the bathroom a few hours before she was found dead. He said he “thought she had been gone for a few days” when he couldn’t find her in the bathrooms.

He said he didn’t find out about Salazar’s death until the cops found her body. Along with that, he said that one of his security cameras had gone missing and the other had been manually turned away before Salazar was found.

However, cops said that detectives “have been reviewing close to 2,000 security video clips that range in length from a few seconds to several minutes.”

Nathan Paz, Salazar’s brother, told KPRC that she was “the most charming person you’ll ever meet.”

“My mom is going through a terrible time right now.” “She’s doing her best to keep things together,” he said. Paz told them that Salazar used to live in Colorado but left because of a bad relationship.

Paz said, “She was trying to make her life better.”

Now, her family is raising money for her funeral and to help her kids.

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