Eric Adams Isn’t Worried as People Think Former Governor Andrew Cuomo Might Try to Become the Mayor of NYC!

Mayor Eric Adams has dismissed concerns about former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo potentially challenging him in the 2025 mayoral race. Asked about Cuomo’s possible candidacy, Adams responded confidently at a recent press briefing, stating, “[I’m] not concerned with that, I’m concerned with governing this amazing city.” He added, “You don’t spend 35 years climbing to the top of the mountain and worry about the view. You enjoy the view.”

Speculation about Cuomo’s political comeback has intensified since he resigned in 2021 amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Recently, Cuomo criticized the Adams administration for its handling of the Jacob Riis Houses’ arsenic poisoning reports, accusing the city of a double standard between rich and poor neighborhoods. Cuomo’s spokesperson, Rich Azzopardi, did not comment on Cuomo’s potential candidacy but reiterated Cuomo’s commitment to fighting for New Yorkers.

Eric Adams Isn't Worried as People Think Former Governor Andrew Cuomo Might Try to Become the Mayor of NYC

Adams, who is currently dealing with a federal investigation into his 2021 campaign fundraising and struggling with low approval ratings amid the migrant crisis, laughed off any sense of betrayal by Cuomo. He said, “Many people have their opinions… that’s just life in the big city.”

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Polling indicates Cuomo might have an edge over Adams, with a December survey showing 44% of respondents favoring Cuomo compared to 24% for Adams in a hypothetical Democratic primary race for City Hall 2025. Despite these numbers, Adams remains focused on his current responsibilities as mayor.

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