Florida’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants: A Guide to Culinary Excellence

Exciting news for food enthusiasts in Florida! Nine restaurants across Miami, Orlando, and Tampa have just been awarded coveted Michelin stars for 2024.

The prestigious Michelin Guide ceremony took place at the Tampa Edition hotel, where three restaurants in Miami, four in Orlando, and two in Tampa were elevated to star status.

These newly starred restaurants, totalling 26 in the state, have each earned one star, with L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Miami retaining its two-star status as Florida’s only two-starred restaurant.

Gwendal Poullennec, the international director of the Michelin guides, praised the growth of Florida’s culinary scene over the past few years, highlighting the state as a leading gastronomic destination.

With 149 restaurants included in the guide, covering 38 types of cuisine, Michelin continues to showcase its appreciation for omakase-style dining, with each Florida city boasting at least one omakase restaurant earning a star.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the newly starred restaurants:

  • EntreNos: A dinner-only restaurant sourcing almost 80% of its menu from Florida, known for its high-quality ingredients and skillful preparation.
  • Ogawa: An elegant omakase spot in Miami praised for its creative dishes like baby sea eels with soy-cured quail egg and lotus root.
  • Shingo: Chef Shingo Akikuni’s omakase restaurant in Coral Gables, lauded for its stunning bar and exceptional sushi.
  • Camille: A Vietnamese spot offering a French-Vietnamese tasting menu, known for its innovative dishes like Dungeness crab curry.
  • Natsu: An intimate omakase counter serving impressive sushi and Japanese delicacies like chawanmushi.
  • Papa Llama: A Peruvian restaurant blending Japanese fusion with dishes like chicken thigh roulade with aji amarillo aioli.
Florida's Michelin-Starred Restaurants: A Guide to Culinary Excellence

Additionally, the guide introduced Green Stars for outstanding sustainable practices, recognizing Kaya in Orlando and Los Felix/Krus Kitchen in Miami.

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Special industry awards were also given for exceptional work, including the Michelin Exceptional Cocktails Award, the Michelin Sommelier Award, the Outstanding Service Award, and the Young Chef Award.

With Florida’s culinary scene continuing to flourish, these Michelin-starred restaurants promise unforgettable dining experiences for locals and visitors alike.

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