Georgia Sisters Donate Kidneys, Giving Dad and Stranger a Second Chance

In a heartwarming tale from Athens, Georgia, a 53-year-old restaurant owner, Michael McLean, is celebrating not just 30 years of marriage but also the incredible generosity of his daughters and the gift of life they’ve bestowed upon him and a stranger.

McLean has faced kidney failure multiple times due to Berger’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder diagnosed when he was just 24 years old.

His journey began with a kidney from his sister Michelle, followed by another from a deceased donor. However, his second kidney started failing after 20 years, leading to the need for a third transplant.

His daughters, Anna Lee McLean and Mary Kate Imler, witnessed their father’s struggle with kidney failure and decided to take action. Despite being young, they stepped forward to offer him their kidneys. Anna Lee was a match but not the ideal one, so Mary Kate stepped in as the better fit.

In a touching display of love and selflessness, Mary Kate donated her kidney to her father in a surgery performed at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. The transplant was a success, and both father and daughter recovered well.

Remarkably, just seven weeks later, Anna Lee also decided to donate one of her kidneys, this time to a stranger in need. Her act of kindness not only saved a life but also inspired hope and gratitude in many.

Georgia Sisters Donate Kidneys, Giving Dad and Stranger a Second Chance

Reflecting on their journey, Michael McLean expressed immense pride and gratitude for his daughters’ generosity. Their actions have not only changed his life but also brought joy and hope to others.

Dr. Eric Gibney, a transplant nephrologist, praised McLean’s resilience and the inspiring bond between him and his daughters. He highlighted the remarkable progress in medical science that has allowed patients like McLean to lead fulfilling lives despite health challenges.

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The story culminated in a touching moment when, exactly one year after learning about his need for a third transplant, Michael McLean walked Mary Kate down the aisle at her wedding. It was a testament to the enduring love and strength of their family bond.

In the face of adversity, the McLean family’s story serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the transformative power of love and generosity.

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