Kochava Launches Privacy-First Attribution Platform – Identity Locker®

Attribution platform for mobile and connected devices, Kochava has launched a unified identity solution, Kochava IdentityLocker®. The platform takes a privacy-first approach that prompts for user consent, serving the needs of both demand advertisers and media suppliers.

IdentityLocker® provides an identity token, not a static identifier, which can be used in conjunction with any player in the ad ecosystem. This enables demand- and supply-side platforms to onboard their first-party data, prompt for user consent, and attach resource grants for usage on activities like deterministic targeting, while enabling permission-based rules for the first-party owner of the data.

The privacy-first solution respects platform-specific opt-in rules and actor identifiers making it consent-enriched and can include other features like time-based permission. It also works across all connected devices including mobile (iOS and Android), connected and OTT TV, and game consoles.

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO at Kochava said: While we agree with Apple’s assertion the IDFA became misused, we also recognize that digital advertising is a $500B ecosystem that lacks a common privacy-centric identity strategy. Building upon our history of helping advertisers bridge cross-device identity for measurement and targeting, we are paving a new future for the ecosystem with a player-agnostic unified identity platform with IdentityLocker.

iOS 14 is changing the advertising game. New content is being pushed out every day talking about the end of the IDFA as we know it, the future of the SKAdNetwork, and the many questions that remain unanswered, but will continue to work closely with Apple in support of our mutual clients.

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As a major player in attribution, Kochava has created an in-depth checklist with frequently asked questions to help partners across the ecosystem understand the steps they can take immediately to prepare for iOS 14’s release this coming Fall. “Kochava has been one step ahead of the myriad of changes this past year from the ‘death of the third-party cookie to the recent IDFA news from Apple,” continued Manning.

“Now preparing for iOS 14, we’ve been driving this new approach to unifying all partners in the ecosystem to build a better, stronger, and safer ‘world’ for digital advertising to grow while enabling consumer choice on what their digital experience should be.”

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