Legal Expert’s Opinion on Judge Appointed by Trump Surprises MAGA Supporters!

Legal analyst Andrew Weissmann’s recent remarks about New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan have sparked controversy among followers of former President Donald Trump’s MAGA movement. Weissmann, a former FBI general counsel, and New York University law professor expressed admiration for Merchan’s judicial temperament during a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC, even admitting to having a “man crush” on the judge.

Merchan is presiding over Trump’s hush money criminal trial in New York, where the former president faces 34 felony counts related to payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign. Despite Trump pleading not guilty, Weissmann praised Merchan for his fairness throughout the trial, describing it as “impeccably fair.”

Legal Expert's Opinion on Judge Appointed by Trump Surprises MAGA Supporters!

However, Trump supporters quickly ridiculed Weissmann’s comments, with some labeling them as “cringe” and questioning MSNBC’s impartiality. They also highlighted Weissmann’s involvement in the Mueller investigation, referring to it as the “Russia collusion hoax.”

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Weissmann’s praise for Merchan drew skepticism from those who view his remarks through a political lens. Despite the backlash, Weissmann stood by his comments, commending Merchan for his handling of the trial and emphasizing the fairness demonstrated by both legal teams involved.

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