Officials Address Safety and Delays on Washington Bridge

In Providence, Rhode Island, officials gathered to discuss safety concerns and traffic delays on the Washington Bridge. The focus of the press conference was mainly on traffic issues, especially with the upcoming opening of a sixth lane of traffic on the bridge.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) emphasized that their studies indicate that most delays on the bridge are caused by accidents rather than sheer volume of traffic.

Governor Dan McKee highlighted the increase in accidents following the closure of the bridge on December 11th. He noted that prior to the closure, there was an average of one accident per day in the vicinity of the bridge, but after the closure, this increased to two or three accidents per day.

RIDOT Director Peter Alviti mentioned that it’s too early to determine if the new eastbound lanes have reduced accident rates, but a new lane is scheduled to be added on the westbound side.

While initial delays are expected, officials hope that modifications made over the weekend will ease commuting on Monday.

Officials Address Safety and Delays on Washington Bridge

Governor McKee acknowledged responsibility for the decision to close the bridge and expressed commitment to a forensic review announced earlier. He emphasized the need for transparency and accountability.

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The additional lane work is slated for completion by Saturday morning. Measures including additional tow trucks and state police presence aim to minimize accident clearance times and address speeding and distracted driving on the bridge.

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