One of The Bronx’s Just 2 Movie Places Is Shutting Down. Here’s Why.

Once the Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas shuts down, there will only be one movie house in the Bronx for the whole borough. Display Cinemas sent a letter to the Bronx Borough President’s office in April confirming that the theater on 161st Street is closing due to “failure to come to terms with a new lease agreement.”

Here’s the whole sentence:

Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas will be closing because Showcase Cinemas and the landlord could not come to a deal on a new lease. After work hours on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, the movie theater will no longer be open.

Starpass members will get a special offer as a thank-you for all the years they’ve been going to the movies at Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas. We are still very dedicated to our theater business at Showcase Cinemas, and we look forward to continuing to give our US moviegoers the best experience possible at our theaters.

In Co-Op City, the AMC Bay Plaza Cinema 13 will be the only movie theater open after the Concourse Plaza Multiplex shuts down. For many years, the South Bronx movie house was a mainstay. People who have been going to the theater in the middle of the South Bronx for a long time said it had been a part of the community for generations.

One of The Bronx's Just 2 Movie Places Is Shutting Down. Here's Why.

“I’ve been coming here probably since the early 90s, mid-90s, and it’s been part of my family for a while now,” said Diaz. Going to the movie theater makes people feel good, and they want to see one more show.

Pearl Hall said, “I’m going to the last show.” “We had a lot of good times in there, but I’m sorry they’re closing.” “To have today as one of the last couple days to have the movie theater open, I decided to come out and try to be part of the tradition one more time before it’s gone,” said Diaz.

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Residents hope that whatever takes the place of the movie theater will be good for the neighborhood. “I think the children would benefit mostly from anything that would be new to the community,” Diaz said. “I think about my kids.” “They need a place to go,” Hall said.

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