Plea for Change: Restoring Honor to North Texan Veterans’ Final Resting Place

In Oak Cliff, a family is urging for improvements at Laurel Land Memorial Park, particularly in the Field of Honor section where many North Texan veterans are laid to rest.

According to the family, including Evie Anderson, daughter of WWII veteran Lynn Irvin, the condition of the Field of Honor has deteriorated over the past five years.

Anderson expresses concern that the once-honorable memorial has become a muddy mess, obscuring the graves of veterans, including her father’s. She recounts instances where mud and debris covered gravestones, making it difficult to locate her parent’s gravesite.

Despite numerous emails to the cemetery management, Anderson claims that action was only taken recently to address her father’s grave and a few others. However, she emphasizes that many more graves remain neglected.

Anderson and her brother, Gerry Irvin, propose solutions such as installing new grass that can thrive in shaded areas and constructing a barrier wall to prevent rainwater from washing mud into the field.

They stress the importance of restoring dignity to the final resting place of veterans who have served their country.

Plea for Change: Restoring Honor to North Texan Veterans' Final Resting Place

In response, Laurel Land Memorial Park acknowledges the flooding issue in the Field of Honor, attributing it to heavy rainfall and the presence of oak trees. They outline plans to add grass to reduce muddy conditions but indicate the need for dry weather to complete the work.

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Anderson, along with other veteran families, hopes for swift action to address the concerns and ensure that veterans receive the respect they deserve in their eternal resting place. They believe that veterans, as soldiers who have served the nation, deserve better than a muddy grave.

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