Restaurant Closes After 25 Years Due to Violence and Unsafe Conditions!

A beloved 25-year-old juicery and coffee shop in East Village, New York City, has been forced to close its doors following persistent issues with vandalism and safety concerns. Juicy Lucy, owned by René Henricks, faced a significant incident where an employee was harassed by a man who shattered the storefront window with a shovel. This event marked the final straw for Henricks, who has been dealing with escalating problems in the area.

Henricks described the neighborhood as consistently filled with problematic behavior, including a fatal overdose nearby and scattered needles on the sidewalks. The continuous disturbances have caused immense frustration for her, impacting both her business and personal peace.

“That’s it, the last straw,” Henricks declared. “I’m angry too! It’s my responsibility to keep my staff safe, the landlord’s responsibility to keep the building safe, and the mayor’s and the city’s responsibility to keep us all safe. We have a good business, a quiet business, a family business.”

Despite the closure, Henricks plans to relocate Juicy Lucy to another nearby area, expressing her love for the neighborhood and a desire to continue serving the community. The news of the closure has saddened many locals, who empathized with Henricks’ situation.

Comments on the East Village news blog, EV Grieve, reflected the community’s disappointment. “I work on the same block. The last few years have gotten way more violent and scary. Very sad to see them go,” one commenter wrote. Another shared, “Having lived here for 65 years, it’s sad to watch this. Hang in there, Renee.”

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Unfortunately, this incident is part of a larger trend of increasing crime in New York City, with recent incidents such as a machete attack in Times Square highlighting the growing concern for safety.

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