Roadwork Alert: Exercise Caution on South Flint Hill Road, Owings!

Residents of Owings, Maryland, are urged to exercise heightened caution and patience as the Calvert County Department of Public Works, Project Management Division, embarks on significant improvement work along South Flint Hill Road. Scheduled to commence on May 28, 2024, the project represents a concerted effort to enhance the infrastructure and safety standards of this vital roadway.

Anticipated to span a duration of three weeks, weather permitting, the comprehensive project encompasses a spectrum of critical activities aimed at fortifying the road’s integrity and functionality.

Among the key initiatives slated for implementation are extensive tree trimming measures to mitigate potential hazards, strategic enhancements to storm drainage systems to bolster flood resilience, meticulous installation of curbing at strategic junctures for improved traffic flow and safety, and meticulously planned paving operations along the stretch extending from 7002 to 7021 South Flint Hill Road.

Roadwork Alert: Exercise Caution on South Flint Hill Road, Owings

Given the scale and scope of the undertaking, it is imperative for residents and motorists traversing this route to remain cognizant of the anticipated disruptions and exercise patience and understanding throughout the duration of the project. To facilitate the seamless execution of construction activities, South Flint Hill Road will be temporarily closed during active construction hours, from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays, excluding holidays.


However, in recognition of the importance of minimizing inconvenience to the community, the road will be accessible to traffic during non-construction hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Moreover, to ensure continued accessibility and convenience for commuters, alternate access routes via North Flint Hill Road will be available during the periods of road closure.

By prioritizing safety, efficiency, and community engagement, the project endeavors to not only address immediate infrastructure needs but also to foster a resilient and sustainable transportation network that serves the evolving needs of Owings residents and facilitates seamless connectivity with surrounding areas.

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As such, residents are encouraged to remain informed and cooperative throughout the duration of the project, recognizing the collective benefits that stem from investing in the long-term vitality and functionality of critical transportation arteries.

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