Senator Ossoff Advocates for Tax Relief for Georgia Teachers

In Washington, D.C., U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff is leading efforts to reduce taxes for teachers across Georgia.

Senator Ossoff is supporting the Educators Expense Deduction Modernization Act of 2023, a bipartisan bill aimed at increasing the maximum deduction amount for teachers who spend their own money on classroom supplies.

Currently, teachers can deduct up to $250 from their taxes for these expenses. However, the new legislation would raise this limit to $1,000.

A study conducted by USA Today revealed that more than 90% of teachers have used their own money to purchase classroom supplies, with over half of them spending over $1,000 annually.

Senator Ossoff Advocates for Tax Relief for Georgia Teachers

Senator Ossoff emphasized the importance of supporting Georgia’s teachers, referring to them as heroes within their communities.

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He believes that by providing tax relief, teachers will be better equipped to provide quality education to their students without shouldering the financial burden of purchasing supplies out of pocket.

In addition to advocating for tax cuts, Senator Ossoff remains committed to expanding preschool and educational opportunities for families across Georgia.

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