Shocking News: Texas Sets a Date for The Execution of a Man Who Was Found Guilty of Killing His 3-Month-Old Son!

Travis James Mullis, a Texas man convicted of the brutal murder of his 3-month-old son, has been given an execution date after spending 13 years on death row. The Galveston County District Court Judge Jeth Jones announced that Mullis, now 37, will face execution on September 24, 2024, for his heinous crime committed in January 2008.

The crime that led to Mullis’s death sentence is both shocking and tragic. On a fateful day in January 2008, Mullis confessed to placing his infant son, Alijah Mullis, on the side of the road at the far east end of Seawall Boulevard in Galveston. In a chilling confession, he admitted to “stomping on his skull until it collapsed,” resulting in the child’s immediate death. This act of extreme violence was further compounded by Mullis’s admission to sexually assaulting his son, although the court did not pursue charges related to the sexual assault.

Mullis’s confession to these abhorrent acts left authorities and the public in shock. The brutality of the crime and the vulnerability of the victim—a 3-month-old infant—underscore the severity of the case. The legal proceedings that followed resulted in Mullis being sentenced to death, a decision that reflects the gravity of his actions.

The execution date set by Judge Jeth Jones came at the request of Galveston County First Assistant District Attorney Kayla Allen, highlighting the ongoing commitment of the judicial system to see justice served in this grievous case. Mullis’s time on death row, spanning over a decade, has been a prolonged period of awaiting his final sentence.

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The case of Travis James Mullis has been a stark reminder of the worst aspects of human behavior and the ultimate penalties that the justice system can impose for such crimes. The setting of an execution date marks the final chapter in a legal saga that began with an unthinkable act of violence against an innocent child. As September 24, 2024, approaches, it serves as a sobering moment for the community and a poignant reminder of the importance of protecting the most vulnerable.

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