Soho Hotel Crime: 19-Year-Old Caught and Accused of Killing 16-Year-Old Mahki Brown While Riding a Citi Bike!

A 19-year-old suspect has been apprehended and charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting of 16-year-old Mahki Brown outside a prominent Soho hotel, according to police sources. Henry Thomas, residing in the East Village, was one of two individuals sought by authorities following the tragic incident that occurred on May 7 opposite the Dominick Hotel on Spring Street.

Thomas was apprehended in Harlem in the early hours of Friday by the US Marshals Service. Clad in a gray tracksuit, he remained silent as he was escorted by law enforcement officials from the 1st Precinct to court later that afternoon.

19-Year-Old Caught and Accused of Killing 16-Year-Old Mahki Brown While Riding a Citi Bike

According to police reports, Thomas allegedly opened fire in the attack that claimed Brown’s life. Brown, described as an avid basketball player from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, sustained fatal injuries after being shot in the head and leg during the brazen daylight assault.

The victim, a student at the nearby Broome Street Academy Charter High School, was attempting to mediate a dispute between two female classmates when the violence erupted, as per NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny. Subsequently, one of the girls involved sought assistance from her brother, leading to the arrival of two males on a Citi Bike, one of whom opened fire on the group of approximately 30 individuals.

Brown, who was with his girlfriend at the time of the incident, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Witnesses recounted the harrowing scene, with one describing Brown collapsing in an alley adjacent to the hotel following the shooting.

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Law enforcement officials have emphasized their commitment to apprehending perpetrators of such violent acts, with Ralph Sozio, the US Marshal for the Southern District of New York, stating, “We are committed to using all of our collective law enforcement resources against anyone committing these acts of violence in our city and bring them to justice.

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