South Carolina Mother’s Warning After Receiving Threatening Scam Messages

A mother from Dacusville, South Carolina, is speaking out to alert others about a frightening experience she had with scam messages.

Elizabeth Sebring shared that the messages started pouring in after she lost her iPhone and replaced it with a new one last week.

These messages arrived in the form of texts and videos, one of which depicted a man brandishing a gun.

In these texts, the sender had personal details about Sebring and her family, including their names, address, and chilling threats of physical harm.

The sender demanded that Sebring erase the lost device from her Apple account and disable all tracking features on the old phone, warning that the personal information would be sold on the black market if she didn’t comply.

Sebring expressed deep concern about the messages, particularly because she has two young children. The threats made in the messages were graphic and alarming.

South Carolina Mother's Warning After Receiving Threatening Scam Messages

After some investigation, Sebring discovered online forums where others shared similar experiences, indicating that they had nearly fallen victim to the same scam.

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Sebring’s story serves as a cautionary tale for others to remain vigilant against such scams and to be wary of sharing personal information online.

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