Students Might Receive Free Tickets to The Greater Gulf State Fair by Participating in A Reading Program!

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — This summer, young students in the Gulf State region have a fantastic opportunity to earn a reward that combines fun and learning. The Greater Gulf State Fair’s annual Read and Win Summer Reading Program is back, offering incoming elementary students the chance to receive free tickets to the highly anticipated 2024 Greater Gulf State Fair.

The program is designed to promote literacy and encourage a love of reading among elementary students in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. It’s a simple and engaging way to motivate children to spend part of their summer vacation immersed in books. To participate, students need to read 10 books between May 23 and August 6. Once they’ve completed their reading, they fill out the Read to Win form and mail it to the fair office at 1035 Cody Road N, Mobile, AL 36608.

In return for their literary efforts, each student who completes the program will receive a free child’s admission ticket to the 2024 Greater Gulf State Fair. This year’s fair is set to take place from Friday, October 25 through Sunday, November 3, and promises to be a fun-filled event with rides, games, food, and entertainment.

But the excitement doesn’t stop at just a free ticket. Participants in the reading program will also be entered into a drawing for the “Ultimate Family Four Pack.” This coveted prize includes four admission tickets to the fair and four unlimited ride wristbands, allowing the winning family to enjoy all the fair’s attractions without any additional cost.

Students Might Receive Free Tickets to The Greater Gulf State Fair by Participating in A Reading Program

The Read and Win Summer Reading Program is a wonderful initiative that not only rewards children for their reading achievements but also helps to foster a lifelong love of books. By tying the reward to a fun and exciting event like the Greater Gulf State Fair, the program makes reading an appealing activity for children during their summer break.

In addition to promoting literacy, the program offers families an affordable way to enjoy the fair. With the cost of entertainment and outings often adding up, the chance to earn free tickets can be a significant benefit for families in the region. It’s a win-win situation: children gain knowledge and improve their reading skills, while families get to experience the joy and excitement of the fair together.

The Greater Gulf State Fair, held annually, is a beloved event in the region, attracting visitors of all ages with its wide array of attractions. From thrilling rides and games to delicious fair food and live entertainment, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The fair also often features educational exhibits and activities, making it a fitting reward for students who have dedicated part of their summer to reading.

Parents and educators alike are encouraged to support and promote the Read and Win Summer Reading Program, helping to spread the word and motivate more students to participate. By doing so, they can ensure that more children take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enhance their reading skills and enjoy a memorable day at the fair.

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For more information about the Read and Win Summer Reading Program, including the official rules and how to submit the completed form, families can visit the Greater Gulf State Fair’s official website or contact the fair office directly. This summer, let the pages of a good book be the ticket to a world of adventure both within and beyond the covers.

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