Summer Splash: Texoma’s Washita River Floats Beat the Heat!

As summer temperatures rise to scorching levels throughout Texoma, locals are seeking out fun and refreshing ways to beat the heat. One of the most popular activities is floating down the serene Washita River, a pastime that has grown immensely in popularity over recent years.

Ricky Ellett, the owner of Washita River Floats, describes the appeal of this activity. “It’s gotten to be a really big deal, and it’s just relaxing and fun,” Ellett said. “You give an Okie a tube, or you give a Texan a tube and put them on the river; they’re as happy as they can be.”

The start of the floating season experienced a hiccup due to recent storms, which caused rising water levels and delayed the opening of Washita River Floats during Memorial Day weekend. Despite these initial setbacks, the river’s calmer waters on Sunday drew visitors from various states eager to enjoy the experience.

Ellett emphasized the convenience and enjoyment offered by Washita River Floats. “We want them to have a relaxing experience, and we’re gonna come pick you up. You’re not gonna have to drag or walk or carry anything,” he said. This hassle-free approach ensures that guests can fully immerse themselves in the leisurely float down the river.

Summer Splash: Texoma's Washita River Floats Beat the Heat

Located just a half-mile from Turner Falls Park, Washita River Floats accommodates up to 180 visitors. Participants can indulge in a leisurely four-hour float downstream, which includes riding on the River Wagon and enjoying swimming spots along the sand bars.

“Kids have fun, the adults have fun, the college kids come down here and have a blast. It’s just a fun deal,” Ellett added. The appeal of the river floats spans all age groups, making it a perfect outing for families, friends, and solo adventurers alike.

Visitors who recently experienced the float shared their enthusiasm. “It’s quiet, there’s a lot of nature here, very cool and friendly people,” noted floater Bobby Hargis. Angel, another floater, added, “It was really calm; there were points where you probably could have fallen asleep.”

For those interested in this relaxing adventure, reservations can be made via the Washita River Floats Facebook page. Ellett announced that starting Thursday, the floats will operate seven days a week until September 30th, providing ample opportunities to enjoy this delightful summer activity.

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Texoma residents contend with the summer heat, and floating down the Washita River offers a perfect escape. With its scenic beauty, tranquil waters, and the effortless experience provided by Washita River Floats, it’s no wonder this activity has become a beloved summer tradition for many

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