Texas Poll: Trump Leads, Cruz and Allred in Close Senate Race

A recent survey conducted by the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation, polling 1,600 likely Texas voters, sheds light on the political landscape in the state.

The poll suggests a strong position for Donald Trump in Texas, with a competitive race emerging in the U.S. Senate contest between incumbent Ted Cruz and challenger Colin Allred.

In the presidential race, Trump leads Joe Biden by 12 points, with or without the inclusion of third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy’s presence on the ballot seems to have a negligible impact on the Trump-Biden matchup.

However, the Senate race appears to be much closer, with Cruz holding a slight lead over Allred. Despite Cruz’s incumbency advantage, Allred’s fundraising success and strategic positioning make the race unpredictable.

Allred’s fundraising efforts have surpassed those of Beto O’Rourke at a similar stage in the last election cycle. This suggests that the Senate race in Texas could become one of the most expensive and closely watched contests in the country.

Texas Poll: Trump Leads, Cruz and Allred in Close Senate Race

To secure victory, Allred may need to distance himself from the less popular elements of the Democratic Party while leveraging support from national Democrats eager to flip the Senate. This influx of national funding could significantly impact the dynamics of the race.

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Overall, the survey underscores the potential for both Trump’s dominance and the competitive nature of the Senate race in Texas, highlighting the importance of voter engagement and strategic campaigning in the upcoming election.

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