Texas’s Largest Chicken Fried Steak: Where to Find It

It’s surprising that there aren’t more contenders for the title of “The Biggest Chicken-Fried Steak in Texas.” You’d think in a state like Texas, famous for big things and tasty chicken-fried steaks, there would be plenty of places claiming the title. Maybe this post will inspire some friendly competition.

But there’s one place that seems to have everyone beat: The Wagon Wheel in Eagle Pass, Texas, about 150 miles west of San Antonio.

Their chicken-fried steaks weigh in at a whopping five pounds! And they’re not just big—they’re delicious, with one critic describing them as “stupid delicious.” The Wagon Wheel also offers barbecue and mouthwatering regular steaks.

In Lamesa, Texas, a small town about 60 miles south of Lubbock, they claim to be the birthplace of the chicken-fried steak. Legend has it that a cook misheard an order for chicken and steak and created the dish by accident.

While this story might be more fiction than fact, it hasn’t stopped Lamesa from embracing its chicken-fried steak fame. In fact, the Texas legislature even named Lamesa “The Legendary Home of the Chicken-Fried Steak.”

Texas's Largest Chicken Fried Steak: Where to Find It

And if you’re a fan of this Texas classic, mark your calendar for April 26th through 28th when Lamesa hosts “The Chicken-Fried Steak Festival.” Because as they say, the only thing better than one big chicken-fried steak is a lot of little ones.

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