Tragic Confrontation: NYPD Officers Fatally Shoot 19-Year-Old in Queens

A distress call from 19-year-old Winn Rozario culminated in a tragic confrontation with NYPD officers Matthew Cianfrocco and Salvatore Alongi at the Rozario family’s home in Queens. Bodycam footage released by the New York State Attorney General captures the harrowing sequence of events that led to Rozario’s fatal shooting.

Initially responding to Rozario’s distress call, the officers approached the situation calmly, guided by Rozario’s mother and brother to the kitchen. However, chaos erupted when Rozario grabbed a pair of scissors and lunged at the officers. Despite their attempts to de-escalate the situation, Rozario’s erratic behavior escalated, prompting the officers to deploy a taser.

In the ensuing struggle, Rozario’s mother managed to disarm him momentarily, only for him to retrieve the scissors once more. As tensions escalated, Officer Cianfrocco fired four shots, fatally wounding Rozario as he slumped to the kitchen floor.

Rozario’s grieving mother, Notan Eva Costa, condemned the officers’ actions, lamenting the sudden escalation of chaos and violence in their home. Speaking passionately in Bengali outside City Hall, she demanded justice for her son’s death. Similarly, Rozario’s brother, Uthso Rozario, called for the officers to be held accountable, highlighting the reckless nature of their response.

Charles Lieberman, a retired NYPD detective involved in crisis response policy, emphasized the importance of de-escalation techniques and maintaining a safe distance in volatile situations. He criticized the officers’ handling of the incident, noting the absence of an immediate threat to justify the use of lethal force.

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The tragic outcome of Rozario’s encounter with law enforcement underscores the need for comprehensive training in crisis intervention and the implementation of effective de-escalation strategies. As calls for accountability echo through the community, the NYPD faces scrutiny over its response to individuals in distress and the tragic consequences of police intervention in mental health crises.

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