5 Feet Long Snake Tried to Get Into an Apartment in New York City, and No One Can Figure out Where It Came From!

A 5-foot-long boa constrictor caused quite a stir on the Upper West Side of New York City when it was discovered attempting to enter a basement apartment. The unexpected visitor was found on an exterior gate near Sam Sullivan’s residence on West 87th Street close to Columbus Avenue early Wednesday morning.

Sullivan, 50, spotted the snake between his and his neighbor’s fence at around 8 a.m. “It was at the top of the fence, and I called 911,” he said, describing the bizarre encounter as an “urban legend” in the making. The NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit responded swiftly, capturing the snake and placing it in a polka-dot-colored pillowcase, as shown in footage released by the police.

5 Feet Long Snake Tried to Get Into an Apartment in New York City

The snake was then handed over to the Animal Care Centers of NYC, but its origins remain a mystery. Authorities are unsure who owned the boa constrictor or how it ended up in the residential area. Sullivan speculated, “It’s like literally someone had a pet that got loose and ended up on my fence.” He was keen to clarify that he had no involvement with the snake, humorously noting, “I just don’t want PETA thinking I had snakes.”

The discovery alarmed residents, including Alex Noschese, 36, who expressed concern for his cat and young daughter. “It’s all super unsettling because I have a cat and a little daughter, and it was a boa constrictor, apparently,” Noschese told The Post.

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An Animal Care Centers spokesperson confirmed that boa constrictors are illegal to own in New York City. The snake has since been placed with a foster guardian outside of the city. This incident follows another unusual snake encounter in the city, where a man transporting a couch in a rented U-Haul van found a live 3.5-foot white snake under his seat, resulting in a minor car crash in Soho.

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