A Tragic NYC Double Homicide Was Caused by A Confrontation Between Irate Building Occupants and Migrant Squatters!

A violent confrontation between migrant settlers and long-time residents of a Bronx apartment building escalated into a deadly shooting, leaving two people dead. The incident occurred on May 24 and has led to a manhunt for the suspect, Josue Ruben Silva, 21, who has a history of criminal activity.

According to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, the dispute began when Claretha Daniels, 44, felt disrespected by one of the migrant settlers living in the building. Daniels called on her friends for support, prompting a group of long-time residents to confront the settlers.

A Tragic NYC Double Homicide Was Caused by A Confrontation Between Irate Building Occupants and Migrant Squatters

The migrants, who had been occupying several vacant apartments in the building for the past six months, responded by arming themselves with bats, knives, and other weapons. During the altercation, tenant Everett Slade engaged in a physical fight with one of the settlers. As the fight intensified, Silva allegedly pulled out a gun and opened fire, shooting Slade in the arm and fatally wounding Daniels and another man, Justin Lawless, with shots to the chest.

Silva fled the scene and is currently on the run. Law enforcement sources reveal that Silva, who has been arrested multiple times this year for robbery, theft, and gun charges, is also a suspect in several migrant moped thefts. Investigators believe Silva crossed the US-Mexico border illegally in May 2023 and was later placed in a shelter. There is speculation that he might be using an alias and could actually be just 17 years old.

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Tensions between tenants and the settlers had been escalating, with residents reporting that the migrants had taken over multiple apartments. “Witness statements say that these [migrant] guys are taking over several apartments in the building,” Chief Kenny explained. The tragic event underscores the mounting friction in the building and the urgent need for resolution.

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