Henry County Man’s Family Asks for Help After Bad Motorcycle Crash in Florida!

The family of Ryan Brannan, a 37-year-old man from Henry County, is seeking community support following a catastrophic motorcycle accident in Panama City, Florida, that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Brannan, who is now minimally conscious and dependent on a ventilator, faces a long and uncertain road to recovery.

“It’s torture,” said his wife, Amy Farrell. “I miss hearing his voice.” Brannan’s accident occurred a month ago, and since then, he has shown limited signs of consciousness, primarily being able to open his eyes.

The family’s immediate goal is to transport Brannan back to metro Atlanta for appropriate care and rehabilitation, a move that comes with a hefty price tag running into tens of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, their insurance has not provided immediate assistance, leaving them in a financial bind. “They are saying they might be able to refund us, but it’s not a definite,” Farrell explained.

Henry County Man's Family Asks for Help After Bad Motorcycle Crash in Florida

Brannan, a former Douglas County deputy, is known for his selflessness, highlighted by a 2015 incident where he helped a pregnant woman with a flat tire. Farrell noted, “He’s the kind of guy who never needs to ask for help, and he’ll probably be super mad at me for even asking for help, but I’ve got to at this point. I need him to get the right care and get rehabilitated where he can get back out there and help others.”

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To facilitate his return and ongoing care, Brannan’s family is raising funds online. They are hopeful that with community support, they can bring him home and provide the necessary medical treatment for his recovery journey.

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