A Mother from Arizona Goes Missing After Her Car Breaks Down on I-10 in Buckeye!

A comprehensive search effort is currently underway for Hope Tucker, a 46-year-old mother who went missing after her car broke down on Interstate 10 near Verrado, Buckeye, early on the morning of May 22.

The distressing situation began when Tucker and her son, who has autism and high support needs, were traveling in their purple Dodge Charger. The vehicle malfunctioned and left them stranded in the West Valley, marking the beginning of a perplexing and worrying chain of events.

According to a detailed account from Buckeye Police Spokesperson Carissa Planalp, after their car broke down, Tucker and her son left the vehicle to seek shade from the scorching desert sun. During this time, it is believed that Tucker may have experienced a life-threatening medical emergency, although the specifics of her condition are still unknown. Despite the dire circumstances, no immediate help arrived.

Later that morning, around 11 a.m., a state trooper patrolling the area discovered the abandoned Dodge Charger on I-10 near milepost 119. The vehicle was subsequently towed, but Tucker or her son were not present at the scene. This crucial moment marked the last time there was any trace of Tucker’s whereabouts.

In a distressing turn of events, Tucker’s son, who has limited communication abilities, managed to convey the situation to a relative weeks later. This relative, upon learning about the incident, promptly contacted the Phoenix Police Department on June 22. This notification triggered the involvement of Buckeye Police, who immediately launched an investigation into Tucker’s disappearance.

The efforts to locate Tucker have been extensive and multifaceted. Buckeye Police have attempted to ping Tucker’s phone in hopes of determining her location, but these attempts have been unsuccessful. The department is actively conducting search operations and has enlisted the help of partner agencies to bolster their resources. The search was challenging due to the vast and harsh desert environment in which the incident occurred.

Community members and authorities are urged to assist in the search. Anyone with information regarding Tucker’s whereabouts is strongly encouraged to call 911 or submit a tip online through the Buckeye Police Department’s website at www.buckeyeaz.gov/crimetip. The community’s involvement could be crucial in uncovering new leads that might aid in finding Tucker.

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The disappearance of Hope Tucker has left her family and the community deeply concerned. The circumstances surrounding her vanishing are both mysterious and alarming, underscoring the urgency and importance of the ongoing search efforts. The authorities remain hopeful that with the community’s support and continued search operations, they will find Hope Tucker and bring her home safely.

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