Family Thinks Their Mom Died from Arizona’s Heat After Her Car Stopped Working!

The rising heat deaths in Maricopa County have claimed six lives this year, with another 87 under investigation. Among these tragic incidents, one family believes their mother, Angela Dwight, fell victim to the relentless Arizona summer heat after her car broke down on a day when temperatures soared to 112 degrees.

Angela Dwight, a resident of the Valley for over two decades, underestimated the severity of the heat and the distance to her home. On Saturday, June 15, Angela’s day began as usual with her morning shift as the head line cook at Denny’s, a role she had held for five years. Unfortunately, her journey home took a tragic turn when her car suffered a flat tire.

In a text message to her family, Angela expressed her frustration, stating she didn’t have a spare tire and planned to walk home, which was the last communication they received from her. Her daughter, Lillian Dwight, grew increasingly concerned as the afternoon progressed without any word from her mother. By the time she returned home and saw her father anxiously pacing, they knew something was terribly wrong.

The Goodyear Police Department launched a search operation, deploying patrol cars, drones, K-9 officers, and even a helicopter to locate Angela. The family relied on her Life360 app for her last known location, but her phone eventually died, and they lost the signal.

Angela’s body was found the following morning, June 16. Her daughters believe the extreme heat, coupled with her black long-sleeved work uniform and lack of air conditioning in her car, contributed to her tragic death. “The heat makes you do crazy things,” Maddie Dwight remarked, highlighting the brutal conditions they face each year.

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In their grief, Angela’s family urges others always to have supplies and a backup plan when traveling in such extreme weather conditions. They hope to prevent other families from experiencing similar heartache.

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