Advocates Were Worried that Biden’s Immigration Order Could Cause Problems in Florida!

President Joe Biden’s recent executive order to temporarily limit the number of migrants crossing the border illegally has sparked concerns among immigrant advocacy groups in Florida. While the state is not directly on the border, it has historically absorbed mass migration, particularly in South Florida. Advocates fear that the new policy could lead to legal troubles and worsen economic conditions in the state.

Thomas Kennedy of the Florida Immigrant Coalition criticized the move, labeling it as a betrayal of the immigration policies Biden advocated during his campaign. He compared the action to the Trump-era asylum ban, calling it short-term political opportunism. Kennedy believes that the policy shift could exacerbate the cost-of-living crisis in Florida.

Advocates Were Worried that Biden's Immigration Order Could Cause Problems in Florida

Immigration attorneys, including Willy Allen from South Florida, are also expressing concerns about the policy’s impact on asylum seekers with legitimate claims. Despite assurances from a Biden administration official that the policy aims to strengthen the asylum process, there are worries about its effects on those seeking refuge.

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With Florida being a major destination for migrants, especially from countries like Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, the implications of Biden’s immigration policy change are being closely watched. While the administration argues that decisive action was necessary in the absence of congressional action, advocates and experts remain apprehensive about the potential consequences for Florida and beyond.

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