Biden Is Planning New Rules to Limit Migrants at The US-Mexico Border!

The Biden administration is reportedly in the final stages of planning a stringent clampdown on the US-Mexico border, which aims to shut off asylum requests and automatically deny entrance to migrants once the number of people encountered by American border officials surpasses a new daily threshold. According to sources familiar with the matter, President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order to this effect as early as Tuesday.

The initiative comes in response to the collapse of a bipartisan border bill earlier this year, leaving the president seeking alternative ways to address immigration challenges. Despite a decline in illegal crossings at the US-Mexico border, partly due to increased enforcement efforts by Mexico, immigration remains a significant concern as the presidential election approaches. Republicans are poised to leverage this issue to criticize Biden’s border policies.

The administration’s proposed measures are designed to preempt a potential surge in crossings later in the year, particularly as cooler weather tends to increase migrant numbers. The plan includes several key components aimed at reducing the strain on the overwhelmed asylum system.

One major element of the plan involves setting a daily cap on the number of migrants who can be processed. This cap is proposed to be an average of 4,000 encounters per day over a week. Discussions are ongoing about whether this limit would include asylum-seekers with appointments through the CBP One app, which currently handles approximately 1,450 appointments daily.

Biden Is Planning New Rules to Limit Migrants at The US-Mexico Border

In addition to the cap, the administration is considering an expedited removal process for migrants arriving after the daily threshold has been reached. This process would be more stringent than the pandemic-era Title 42 policy, which allowed for easier return of expelled migrants. Under the new plan, migrants removed after reaching the threshold would face tougher reentry rules, making it more difficult for them to return to the border.

The plan also focuses on accelerating the processing of asylum cases, especially for migrants with criminal records or those who are likely to be deemed ineligible for asylum. Currently, migrants, particularly families, claiming asylum at the southern border are generally released into the US to await their cases. However, with more than 2 million pending immigration court cases, many face years of uncertainty. The administration is encouraging migrants to make appointments or apply through legal pathways in their home countries or through designated outposts in Latin America.

This proposed border policy reflects a more conservative stance from the Biden administration, which has faced relentless criticism from Republicans for not doing enough to control the flow of migrants. The administration is invoking the authority outlined in Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which allows the president to block the entry of certain immigrants if deemed detrimental to national interest.

Biden Is Planning New Rules to Limit Migrants at The Us-Mexico Border

The push for these restrictions follows recent Republican opposition to a bill containing similar measures despite ongoing calls for stricter border controls. The GOP’s resistance, influenced by former President Donald Trump, underscores the partisan divide on immigration policy.

White House spokesman Angelo Fernández Hernández emphasized the administration’s commitment to addressing immigration issues, stating, “While congressional Republicans chose to stand in the way of additional border enforcement, President Biden will not stop fighting to deliver the resources that border and immigration personnel need to secure our border.”

Congress has approved increased funding for border enforcement, including additional detention beds and more resources for immigration enforcement operations. This funding is intended to support the administration’s efforts to enhance border security. However, executive actions, unlike legislative measures, can be challenged in court, creating uncertainty about the implementation and longevity of the proposed asylum restrictions.

The Biden administration is also exploring other policy options to pair with the proposed crackdowns, such as expanding legal immigration pathways. This approach aims to balance stricter border enforcement with opportunities for migrants to apply for asylum or immigration through safer, legal channels.

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As the political landscape heats up ahead of the November presidential election, the administration’s handling of the border crisis will remain a focal point. The anticipated executive order reflects a strategic move by President Biden to demonstrate a firm stance on immigration control while navigating the complexities of a deeply divided Congress and an increasingly critical public.

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