Celebrities Like Stephen King and Barbra Streisand Respond to Trump Guilty Verdict: 34 Is Now My Favorite Number!

The entertainment world has been abuzz with reactions to the unprecedented news that former President Donald Trump has been found guilty on all 34 felony counts, marking the first criminal conviction of an American president. This historic event has drawn strong reactions from a range of celebrities, many of whom have taken to social media to share their thoughts, with some humorously adopting “34 is now my favorite number” as their catchphrase.

Trump, despite his conviction, is still planning to campaign for the White House in the upcoming election. Horror author Stephen King highlighted this reality by posting on X/Twitter, “The Republican candidate for President is a convicted felon.” King’s pointed commentary underscores the unusual and controversial nature of Trump’s political persistence amidst legal troubles.

Long-time Democrat and iconic singer and actor Barbra Streisand also weighed in, focusing on the implications for the November election. She wrote, “Convicted felon Donald Trump is blaming the judge, the jury, and New York for being found guilty on 34 counts. He will never accept accountability for his crimes. Americans must not allow this felon anywhere near the White House again.” Streisand’s statement reflects a broader sentiment among many that Trump’s conviction should disqualify him from future political office.

The announcement of the verdict also sparked immediate and emotional responses from other celebrities. Actor John Leguizamo shared a meme of a jubilant bar crowd reacting to the news, captioning it, “We are all cheering for justice and that no one is above the law!”

This sentiment of celebration and relief was echoed by comedian Kathy Griffin, who responded to a fan’s comment about Trump’s long-awaited comeuppance with, “Thank you for saying that. It was awful, and he is awful. TEARS OF JOY.” Griffin’s reaction harks back to her controversial history with Trump, highlighting the personal significance of the verdict to many.

Mark Hamill, famed for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, joined the chorus with a striking visual response. He posted a screenshot displaying the word “GUILTY” in bright red capital letters 34 times, symbolizing each of the felony counts. This dramatic representation underscored the gravity and multitude of the charges against Trump.

Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter also chimed in with a quip that resonated widely, saying, “34 is now my favorite number.” Meanwhile, Mean Girls actor Ana Gasteyer took a more humorous approach, joking, “In retrospect, I’m glad I decided not to drink every time they said Guilty because I’d never have made it through making dinner.” These lighter-hearted responses added a touch of fun to the serious news, highlighting how pervasive and impactful the verdict was in the cultural zeitgeist.

However, not all reactions were celebratory. Reality star Caitlyn Jenner criticized the verdict, calling it “an outrageous day for America” and decrying the process as “outrageous” and marred by “corruption” in the Department of Justice. Jenner’s dissenting opinion reflects the deep political divides that continue to characterize reactions to Trump’s legal troubles.

Bette Midler, the celebrated comedian, actor, and singer, contributed to the discourse by sharing a meme quoting Robert De Niro’s scathing critique of Trump, delivered outside the courtroom. De Niro’s message condemned Trump’s past behavior and suitability for leadership, resonating with Midler’s views and amplifying the message to her followers.

In a more ambiguous but spirited reaction, pop star Katy Perry posted “LFG” (an acronym for ‘Let’s f***ing go’), which could be interpreted as either a call to action or an expression of excitement and urgency in light of the verdict.

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The variety of reactions—from celebratory to critical—highlights the polarizing effect of Trump’s conviction on public figures. This historic event has not only marked a significant legal precedent but also fueled a broader cultural conversation about accountability, justice, and the future of American politics. As the country moves towards the next presidential election, the impact of Trump’s conviction and the public’s reaction to it will undoubtedly continue to reverberate.

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