Biden Calls Trump a ‘Convicted Felon,’ Questions His Mental State!

President Joe Biden harshly criticized former President Donald Trump during a fundraiser with wealthy donors in Greenwich, Connecticut, on Monday. Biden, referring to Trump as a “convicted felon,” expressed concern over Trump’s mental state following his loss in the 2020 election.

“Here is what is becoming clearer and clearer every day. The threat that Trump poses would be greater in a second term than it was in his first term. This isn’t the same Trump who got elected in 2016. He’s worse,” Biden stated in his prepared remarks. He further claimed, “Something snapped in him when he lost in 2020. He can’t accept he lost, and it is literally driving him crazy. Now he’s running again. And he’s not only obsessed with losing in 2020, he is clearly unhinged.”

This marks the first time Biden himself has publicly referred to Trump as a “convicted felon,” a term his campaign has used several times since Trump’s conviction. “For the first time in American history, a former president that is a convicted felon is now seeking the office of the presidency,” Biden remarked, highlighting the unprecedented nature of Trump’s candidacy. He also condemned Trump’s attacks on the American justice system, describing them as more damaging than Trump’s legal issues.

Biden Calls Trump a 'Convicted Felon,' Questions His Mental State

Biden suggested that Trump’s primary motivation for running is to avoid legal consequences. “Throughout this campaign Trump has made it clear he is running to exact revenge. Now, after his criminal convictions, it’s clear he’s worried about preserving his freedom,” Biden told the donors.

Trump was recently found guilty of falsifying business records to conceal alleged affairs during his 2016 campaign, a verdict he plans to appeal. Trump has called the trial “rigged” and claimed it was politically motivated.

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Biden ended his remarks by emphasizing the importance of voting to keep Trump out of office. “There’s only one way to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office: At the ballot box,” he said, urging for support in the upcoming 2024 presidential race.

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