Biden Is Making an Order that Would End Asylum Claims if An Average of 2,500 Migrants Come Every Day!

WASHINGTON (AP)—President Joe Biden is preparing to sign an executive order that would halt asylum requests at the U.S.-Mexico border if the daily average of encounters surpasses 2,500 at ports of entry. According to sources familiar with the discussions, the border would reopen for asylum seekers once the average number drops to 1,500.

This move represents Biden’s most aggressive unilateral effort yet to manage the number of migrants at the southern border. The executive order is expected to be announced on Tuesday during an event with invited border mayors.

The figures, based on daily averages over a week, indicate the order could take effect immediately given current higher encounter rates. Senior White House officials have briefed lawmakers about the details, but many questions remain about the order’s implementation, including the level of cooperation required from Mexican authorities.

The decision follows the collapse of bipartisan legislation aimed at tightening border controls after Republicans withdrew their support. Despite a recent decline in illegal crossings, the administration is acting preemptively to prevent potential surges in migration closer to the November elections.

Biden Is Making an Order that Would End Asylum Claims if An Average of 2,500 Migrants Come Every Day


Biden’s order incorporates measures from the failed Senate border deal, encouraging asylum seekers to use the CBP One app for appointments at ports of entry. Legal experts anticipate challenges to the order, drawing parallels to actions taken by former President Trump under the same Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Advocacy groups and some Democratic lawmakers have voiced opposition, arguing the order effectively shuts down asylum. Critics like Sen. Alex Padilla argue for addressing the root causes of migration in Latin America rather than imposing restrictive measures.

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The executive order represents Biden’s attempt to assert his authority on border issues after legislative efforts failed. However, its implementation and legal sustainability remain uncertain as advocacy groups prepare to challenge it in court.

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