Biden Campaign Ad Blames Trump for Texas Woman’s Near-Death Abortion Ordeal

In a new ad released by the Biden campaign, former President Trump is criticized for his abortion stance, with the ad citing a harrowing incident involving a Texas woman named Amanda Zurawski.

The 60-second ad, titled “Willow’s Box,” features an emotional interview with Zurawski, who recounts her traumatic experience of being denied an abortion after a miscarriage, which nearly cost her life.

According to the ad, doctors were compelled to send Zurawski home due to a Texas law prohibiting abortions even in medically necessary circumstances. Days later, she was hospitalized with sepsis, a life-threatening infection, which may have lasting consequences on her ability to conceive.

After Zurawski’s emotional testimony, the ad starkly displays the words, “Donald Trump did this.”

The release of the ad comes shortly after Trump issued a statement reaffirming his support for restrictions on abortion, including the appointment of Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager, condemned Trump’s stance, attributing Zurawski’s ordeal to the former president’s policies. Rodriguez asserted that Trump’s support for extreme abortion bans in Texas directly contributed to Zurawski’s near-death experience.

Biden Campaign Ad Blames Trump for Texas Woman's Near-Death Abortion Ordeal

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre echoed these sentiments, attributing the proliferation of abortion bans across the country to the judges appointed by Trump and Senate Republicans.

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Biden countered Trump’s claims, accusing him of lying about his intentions regarding Roe v. Wade. Biden insisted that Trump’s actions were driven by political motives rather than genuine concern for public policy.

The ad forms part of the Biden campaign’s efforts to highlight the impact of Trump’s abortion policies and emphasize the stakes for reproductive rights in the upcoming election.

As of now, there has been no response from Trump’s campaign regarding the ad.

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