Biden Campaign Aims to Win Florida, Despite Trump’s Previous Victories

President Biden’s campaign sees Florida as a winnable state for the 2024 elections, following two significant rulings by the state’s Supreme Court.

Why it’s important: Florida, a state where former President Trump won twice, remains a pivotal battleground. Trump secured 51% of the votes in 2020 and won by a narrow margin in 2016.

The recent rulings by the state’s Supreme Court included putting a referendum on abortion on the November ballot and allowing a six-week abortion ban signed by Governor Ron DeSantis to take effect. DeSantis had a substantial victory in his 2022 re-election.

The broader picture: Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chávez Rodríguez, emphasized that abortion rights will be a central issue in Florida’s election cycle.

She criticized the new abortion ban, which she attributed to Trump’s influence, stating that it will severely impact women’s access to reproductive care in the Southeast.

Chávez Rodríguez highlighted other controversial issues in Florida, such as gun laws and book bans, as potential factors that could sway voters away from Trump’s agenda. Zooming in: Chávez Rodríguez noted that 155,000 Republican primary voters in Florida supported Nikki Haley in the recent primary, even after she suspended her campaign.

Biden Campaign Aims to Win Florida, Despite Trump's Previous Victories

She believes that many of these voters may not support Trump in the general election and could be persuaded to vote for Biden. Chávez Rodríguez acknowledged the challenges of winning Florida but remains optimistic, citing weaknesses in Trump’s campaign and his coalition.

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Looking back: The last Democrat to win Florida in a presidential election was former President Obama in 2012, breaking Trump’s hold on the state.

Biden’s campaign is determined to overcome historical trends and secure victory in Florida by addressing critical issues and appealing to potential swing voters.

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