Biden Faces Criticism for Cross Gesture During Pro-Abortion Speech

President Biden faced criticism after making the sign of the cross, a gesture commonly associated with prayer among Catholics, while listening to a fellow Democrat’s pro-abortion speech in Florida.

During the speech, Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried criticized an upcoming law restricting abortion to within six weeks of gestation, prompting Biden’s gesture.

Some Catholic groups and commentators viewed Biden’s action as sacrilegious, given the Catholic Church’s strong stance against abortion.

Critics, including pro-life organizations and Catholic leaders, condemned Biden’s gesture, accusing him of mocking Christian beliefs.

They argued that his actions contradicted the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life and suggested a disconnect between Biden’s professed Catholic faith and his support for abortion rights.

Biden Faces Criticism for Cross Gesture During Pro-Abortion Speech

The incident sparked further debate about Biden’s religious identity, with a recent Pew Research poll showing that a majority of Americans are skeptical of his portrayal as a devout Catholic.

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The poll revealed that only a small percentage of Americans view Biden as “very religious,” while many perceive him as only “somewhat religious” or not religious at all.

According to the teachings of the Catholic Church, abortion is considered morally wrong, and this stance has remained consistent for centuries. Despite criticism and controversy, Biden’s gesture during the pro-abortion speech reignited discussions about his faith and political beliefs.

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