Trump Leads Biden Among Florida Voters, FAU Poll Finds

In a recent poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University, former President Donald Trump has a significant lead over President Joe Biden among Florida voters. According to the poll, 50% of registered voters in Florida support Trump, while Biden has 42% of the vote. The remaining 8% prefer other candidates.

Although Biden has narrowed the gap by two percentage points since the last poll in November 2023, Trump still maintains a formidable lead. Dr. Dukhong Kim, an associate professor of political science at FAU, suggests that Florida is likely to be a safe state for Trump in the upcoming election.

The poll reveals that Biden garners more support from women, with 46% of female voters backing him, while Trump has stronger support among male voters, with 54% in his favour.

Additionally, Biden appeals more to older voters, whereas Trump has greater support among middle-aged voters. Younger voters show more openness to third-party candidates.

In terms of racial demographics, Biden is favored among Black voters, while Trump has more support from Republicans and independent voters. Biden’s appeal among Hispanics and white voters without college education is weaker.

Regarding other issues, the poll also addressed Amendment 3, which would legalize recreational marijuana for individuals aged 21 and older.

Trump Leads Biden Among Florida Voters, FAU Poll Finds

Results indicate that voters are divided on the matter, with 47% in support, 35% against, and 18% undecided. Democrats show more support for marijuana legalization compared to Republicans, and there are differences among racial groups in their stance on the issue.

Another ballot initiative discussed in the poll is Amendment 4, which aims to expand abortion rights, allowing women to seek abortions up to 24 weeks or before fetal viability.

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Forty-nine percent of respondents expressed support for the amendment, 19% were opposed, and 32% were undecided. Women showed slightly higher support for Amendment 4 compared to men.

With a significant portion of respondents undecided on these ballot initiatives, the outcome remains uncertain, emphasizing the importance of voter engagement and awareness leading up to the November election.

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