Brandon Blackstock Responds to Kelly Clarkson’s Lawsuit Over $2.6 Million Ruling

Brandon Blackstock, the ex-husband of Kelly Clarkson, has issued a response to Clarkson’s recent lawsuit regarding a $2.6 million ruling.

In the lawsuit, Clarkson claimed that Blackstock should pay her more than the amount determined by a California labor commissioner. This ruling was made due to allegations that Blackstock’s family company, Starstruck Entertainment, acted as an unlicensed talent agency for Clarkson since 2007.

Blackstock denied all allegations made by Clarkson in the lawsuit. He argued that the filing should be dismissed because the labor commissioner’s ruling was made back in November 2023.

According to Blackstock, Clarkson failed to file a notice of appeal within the required timeframe, making it improper to file a separate lawsuit now.

Furthermore, Blackstock’s legal team claimed that any alleged illegal profits obtained from acting as Clarkson’s unlicensed talent agency had already been paid out to Clarkson and Blackstock’s community estate.

The documents also contested Clarkson’s complaint, stating that it failed to provide sufficient cause of action against Starstruck Entertainment and argued that it should be barred for failure.

Brandon Blackstock Responds to Kelly Clarkson's Lawsuit Over $2.6 Million Ruling

In March, Clarkson filed the lawsuit against Blackstock after the labor commissioner ruled that he and Starstruck Entertainment violated California’s Talent Agencies Act. This violation occurred by procuring employment for Clarkson without being a licensed agent.

The labor commissioner’s ruling stated that Blackstock should not have been involved in Clarkson’s deals for various projects, including the Billboard Music Awards, Wayfair, “The Voice,” and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

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Clarkson’s lawsuit demanded reimbursement for commissions, fees, profits, advances, and other monies.

The legal battle between Clarkson and Blackstock dates back to 2020 when Starstruck Entertainment sued Clarkson for unpaid commissions. Clarkson’s divorce from Blackstock was finalized in 2022, with Clarkson ordered to pay him child support and spousal support for their two children.

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