Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Trump’s Financial Woes with Candid Fact-Check

On his show, Jimmy Kimmel debunked one of Donald Trump’s favorite claims about himself regarding his wealth. He pointed out that Trump’s company, Trump Media & Technology Group, which runs the Truth Social platform, experienced a sharp decline in stock value recently.

Kimmel humorously remarked that if anyone invested in “Trump stock” two weeks ago, they would have lost half their money. He jokingly added that holding onto it longer might result in losing all of it.

Initially, Trump’s net worth soared when the company’s stock price surged after going public. However, the value of shares plummeted soon after, causing significant losses in market value. This downturn also led to a decline in Trump’s personal net worth, causing him to be removed from the billionaire index.

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Trump's Financial Woes with Candid Fact-Check

The situation is undoubtedly embarrassing for Trump, especially considering his image as a successful businessman. Kimmel highlighted how this news might affect Trump’s children, such as Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, jokingly suggesting that “Daddy is running out of money.”

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Kimmel’s fact-checking segment shed light on Trump’s financial troubles, providing a humorous take on the situation.

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