Florida Governor Takes Aim at Organized Theft with New Legislation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a firm stance against organized theft by signing a bill aimed at curbing “smash and grab” thefts and porch piracy.

The new legislation, set to take effect on July 1, will impose harsh penalties on those involved in coordinated theft activities and solicitation of theft through social media.

During a visit to a Walgreens store in Stuart, Governor DeSantis criticized lenient laws in states like California and New York, where organized theft rings exploit loopholes to commit crimes without facing significant consequences.

He emphasized Florida’s commitment to law and order, stating that criminals will be held accountable for their actions.

The bill targets various aspects of organized theft, including making it a third-degree felony to participate in retail theft with five or more individuals and a second-degree felony to solicit others via social media for theft activities.

Additionally, individuals committing theft with a firearm or with prior convictions will face increased penalties.

Florida Governor Takes Aim at Organized Theft with New Legislation

Governor DeSantis aims to prevent Florida from experiencing the rampant theft seen in other states by strengthening laws and cracking down on porch piracy. The legislation toughens criminal penalties for stealing items from porches, ensuring the safety and security of Florida’s residents and businesses.

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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody echoed Governor DeSantis’ sentiments, emphasizing the state’s commitment to combating organized retail theft. She expressed support for the legislation, highlighting Florida’s proactive approach to addressing crime trends that threaten the well-being of its citizens.

With the new measures in place, Governor DeSantis aims to maintain Florida’s status as a safe and prosperous state, free from the scourge of organized theft. The legislation reflects the state’s determination to uphold law and order and protect its residents from criminal activities.

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