Florida Governor Signs Bills Targeting Child Predators

Continuing his focus on public safety, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed several bills aimed at combating child predators. During a press conference in St. Petersburg, DeSantis emphasized the importance of protecting children and keeping criminals at bay.

The new laws include measures such as establishing a grant program to help law enforcement catch online predators through sting operations (HB 1131), and implementing stricter guidelines for individuals on the sex offender registry (HB 1235).

Providing domestic violence training for officers (SB 1224), and imposing harsher penalties for those involved in sex trafficking minors (HB 305). Additionally, HB 1545 creates a third-degree felony for adults who engage in a pattern of explicit communication with minors.

While most lawmakers supported these measures, some expressed concerns during debates. Representative Michael Gottlieb raised issues about the bill’s vagueness and potential unintended consequences for young adults in relationships.

Florida Governor Signs Bills Targeting Child Predators

Representative Michele Rayner also voiced concerns about the possibility of charging 18-year-olds under the new law.

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Despite these concerns, the majority of lawmakers voted in favor of the legislation, and it will soon take effect. Governor DeSantis hinted at additional public safety legislation to come, underscoring the state’s commitment to protecting its children and communities from harm.

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