Massachusetts Shelter Steps Up to Help NYC Dogs in Need

The MSPCA in Salem, Massachusetts, is lending a helping hand to dogs from an overpopulated shelter in New York City. The MSPCA is waiving adoption fees for dogs six months and older as they welcome 14 dogs from the Animal Care Centers of NYC (NYACC), which is struggling with a capacity issue.

NYACC has 300 dogs in its care but only enough space for 180, leading to overcrowding in its shelters. To alleviate the situation, the MSPCA is taking in dogs ranging from one to eight years old, mostly large, bully-breed mixes.

The MSPCA’s “Run, Walk, DOG!” event, coinciding with the Boston Marathon from April 15th to April 21st, aims to find homes for over 100 dogs during this period. Among the dogs up for adoption is Dove, a two-year-old mixed-breed with a traumatic past.

Dove survived a gunshot wound to her face before being taken in by the MSPCA from an animal shelter in Charleston, South Carolina.

Mike Keiley, the MSPCA-Angell vice president of animal protection, emphasized Dove’s resilience and expressed hope for her to find a loving home in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Shelter Steps Up to Help NYC Dogs in Need

He also highlighted the importance of raising awareness about the national dog population crisis, which affects not only warm-weather states but also Northeastern states like New York.

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Through initiatives like these transports, organizations like the MSPCA aim to address the misconceptions surrounding shelter populations and shed light on the efforts made by shelters to tackle the issue.

By providing a safe haven for dogs in need, the MSPCA continues its mission to make a positive impact in the community and help animals find forever homes.

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