Convicted Killer Paul Flores Attacked Again in California Prison

In a disturbing turn of events, Paul Flores, convicted of the murder of college student Kristin Smart, faced another violent incident while serving his sentence in a California prison. This marks the second attack on Flores within a year, raising significant concerns about safety within the correctional facility.

The recent incident occurred at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California, where Flores was reportedly stabbed in the recreation yard.

Prompt intervention by prison staff halted the assault, and Flores was swiftly transported to an external medical facility for treatment. Thankfully, he returned to the prison in fair condition after receiving medical attention.

While the identity of the assailant remains undisclosed, prison authorities have placed the suspected perpetrator in restricted housing.

Investigations are underway, with the incident being treated as an attempted homicide. Additionally, authorities recovered two suspected inmate-manufactured weapons from the scene.

This alarming development echoes a similar attack on Flores in August, when he was slashed in the neck by another inmate at the same prison.

The previous assailant, Jason Budrow, faced charges including attempted murder. Both incidents have left authorities grappling with questions regarding inmate safety and security measures within the correctional system.

Convicted Killer Paul Flores Attacked Again in California Prison

Paul Flores was convicted in 2022 for the murder of Kristin Smart, a case that garnered widespread attention for years.

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Smart disappeared in 1996 while attending California Polytechnic State University, and prosecutors allege that Flores killed her during an attempted rape in his dorm room. Despite exhaustive searches, Smart’s body has never been found.

The repeated attacks on Flores underscore broader concerns about the safety and security of inmates within the California prison system.

With investigations ongoing and calls for increased accountability, it remains imperative for authorities to address these challenges and ensure the safety of all individuals within correctional facilities.

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